Batsi crazy… the return

There was a delay. For a while I was seriously worried we wouldn’t get to Andros. High winds extended our stay in Mykonos by another 24hours. Our ferry cancelled. The next day I was twitchy and more than ready to leave. I wanted to return to Batsi. It was my reason for being here. My ultimate destination.

We arrived mid afternoon after a 2 hour journey via Tinos. Still breezy, we arrived into the main port of Andros ‘Gavrio’ to be whisked away to Batsi 15 minutes round the coast.

I was excited to see it appear round the headland and also concerned it might have changed. It hadn’t. The little white town clung on the side of the perfect horseshoe bay just as I remembered. Still full of Greeks with little other accents to be heard around us. The menus in the bars and restaurants unapologetically local to cater for their main tourists from Athens.

A slower pace of life with some of the best restaurants and stunningly beautiful views anywhere in the Mediterranean. The September Aegean crystal clear and warm.

We dine on freshly grilled octopus and delicious salads, followed by sticky treats from the local bakery. Coffee here is served frappe with ice. It’s perfect.

Days snorkelling on Kolona beach drinking wine looking at the reef fish. Evenings in town hopping from one amazing eatery to another. We comment we could easily spend a month in this small town and eat somewhere different every evening. The Greeks like their food and Batsi does not disappoint.

Some days are sunnier than others. It is September and the Meltemi is late this year. The breeze tempers the heat which is constant around 26 or 27 in old money. We sit mid afternoon on our huge terrace and choose our villa from the ones clinging to the bay. Dreams of owning our own slice of this island haven. Maybe one day……..

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