Here we go again……

Southampton airport. Not on my own this time – and a very different world to travel in…..

I met my travel companion just before the first UK lockdown. For all the weight gain, confusion and bad temper, Stephen still appears willing to put up with this 50 year old hot mess.

We have a shared love of Greece. His first marriage and three children came with a mother in law who owned a home in Paxos. So his love affair with the islands began.

So, a quiet Southampton airport. Passenger locator forms and double vaccination certificates in hand, we board a plane to Mykonos.

After an aborted first landing due to high late Meltemi winds, we land on a blustery island. It hasnt changed. It is Stephen’s first time here. I worry he will find it too much. Too busy, and definitely too expensive. We spend 3 nights in all. Most with our host George overlooking the town and the sunset. It was supposed to be two but high winds cancelled our escape ferry to Andros. There are worse places to find yourself delayed we both agree.

Mykonos is still beautiful. Full of beautiful boys walking with their beautiful boyfriends. Half naked girls in club wear come out to play at night from the beaches. We sit like aged parents watching it all happen around us. Eyewateringly expensive cocktails in hand we dont feel like we truly belong here. We are just passing through.

Andros awaits us. A more sedate pace. A secret place I am willing to share. I cant wait to share it. I hope he likes it as much as I do……..

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